Mail bag and ziploc

Sealable plastic bags are available with a variety of closure types. One of the most popular is the Mailer bag with a permanent adhesive strip. But many other types of closures are also offered, including a non-permanent adhesive strip, pressure zipper (Ziploc type) or a simple flap closure. These bags are used to protect, ship and store goods of all kinds. Most businesses use at least one of these types of sealable bags.

All our sealable bags are offered with a range of optional customizations. Ask one of our advisors for more information.

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Closing Options

Sealable bags with permanent adhesive strip

This style of bag is made from highly opaque coextruded (multilayer) plastic resin and closes with a permanent adhesive strip. Frequently used by banks for shipping and mail, sealable bags with a permanent adhesive strip are secure and ensure the confidentiality of your internal and external mail. They are also offered with optional sequential numbering to ensure traceability.

Sealable bags with non-permanent adhesive strip

The highly practical sealable bags with a non-permanent adhesive strip can be opened and closed as needed to add or swap items. They are frequently used by the clothing industry, especially as shirt packaging.

Sealable bags with pressure zipper (Ziploc type closure)

Polyethylene plastic bags with a pressure zipper (Ziploc type) are made to measure (format and dimensions) depending on the type of usage. They are recommended for food packaging, animal food, hardware, candy and cosmetics. Pressure zippers are also available with a range of options and degrees of resistance to meet your needs.

Sealable bags with flap

Flap bags provide a non-permanent closure system: simply close the flap. We can produce these bags to meet your needs in terms of bag size and thickness.